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Created: Saturday, March 15, 2014 14:33:00
Updated: Sunday, April 21, 2019 13:08:14

To log on, for the first field, you can choose between email, mobile number or your nickname informed or designated when creating your user account. The password remains the same no matter your above choice.

We accept only a mobile phione number with a minimum of 6 digits. If your number has less, please add the international prefix, country code, region code etc.. It shall in no event include characters outside numbers in [0-9], for example spaces, dot '.', comma ',', trait '-'.

For experts, it is defined by the regex /^[\d]{6,}$/.

For exemple, USA to USA 5555555555, USA to China 0118613912345678, China to USA 0015555555555, China to China 013912345678. The norm is defined by ITU.

When you enter a mobile phone number to authenticate, please use that recorded when registering for account creation. It's editable afterwards.

You can test your phone number here:


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