Shipping Costs by Colissimo La Poste or by a Specialized Transports Company

Good news for our customers in France. We now apply the reduced rate for shipping in France either by MondialRelay or by Colissimo. The actual transport cost calculated here will be applied outside of metropolitan France.

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For information: the delivery is FREE in France for an order greater than or equal to 80.00 under some reservations.

Your participation in shipping fee is calculated on the basis of your delivery destination country/geocountry, here Country/Territory: United States of America, from Metropolitan France. If necessary, you can always change your delivery country/geocountry.

It supposes a shipping at the room temperature in the limit of a total weight of 30kg. Beyond this weight limit, we will ask for your agreement for an additional shipping fee according to the real cost of the shipping: for example, liquid products such as beverages, products of great unity mass such as rice, metal products like woks, ... For FRESHNESS and FROZEN FOODS that require a constant cold chain during the trip, the overload of shipping is due to the customer, we certainly deduce the shipping fee that you have already paied for an ambient temperature truck.



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