Springroll Pastry 190mmx50 SH 550g
Frozen Shrimp Nems Asia Food 8pc 264g
Frozen Vegetable Dumpling Vegetable 675G
Frozen Pork Nems Asia Food 8pc 264g
Carapace de Crabe Farcie 10pc
Springroll Pastry 215mmx20 SH 275g
Springroll Pastry 250mmx30 SH 550g
Icecream Vanilla Cookie Dough Chip Häagen-Dazs pot 394g 460ml
Icecream Caramel /Biscuit/Cream Häagen-Dazs pot 400g 460ml
Icecream Vanilla Pecan Häagen-Dazs pot 400g 460ml
Frozen Crab Flavoured Ball (rose) 200g
Springroll Pastry 215mmx40 SH 550g
Halal Chicken Samossas foo seng 20pc 580g
Icecream Häagen-Dazs DUO Strawberry Raspberryl Cup 364g 420ml
Icecream Caramel Salted Butter Häagen-Dazs pot 400g 460ml
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Chinese Shoes are either traditional Chinese shoes, or modern shoes made in China.

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